About me


Heeelloooo everybody!

Welcome to my blog!


My name is Petra, I come from a small and country called Slovakia and in the summer 2015 I quit my full-time job in an international company and I moved to Kranj, Slovenia. You may call it brave, you may call it crazy… it’s been a combination of both I guess 🙂

To tell you more about me – I grew up near Nitra, Slovakia where I also attended high school and university.  I studied Translation and Interpretation from English and German and I spent a part of my studies in  Scotland, England and Germany. Besides English, Germany and Slovak I also speak decent Slovenian (yes!). It’s actually been my interest in langauges which inspired me to set up these blog and write a few quite successful articles.

Before moving to Slovenia I lived and worked in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. Although translating has always been my side job, I have worked most of my career in International Recruitment and Career Advisory which I do until today. Besides my work, I spend time writing this blog and making videos for the YouTube channel which I run with my friend Anika.

I love languages, travel and water (maybe because I am an Aquarius), chocolate is part of my everyday life, too. I also like to read articles, magazines and books about business, politics and history.

To connect with me, please e-mail me to petra.petra37@gmail.com or follow me on my social media:






10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am relocating to Slovenia next year with my 2 dogs and looking forward to read more about your observations! Keep them coming 🙂


  2. I met a Slovak girl here in the Netherlands not long ago. We joked about all the cultural similarities – and how it only adds to confusion when you call your country Slovensko and we call our language slovenski. I’m looking forward to more of your observations (curious about Slovak socialising and family time) 🙂


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