Photo + Video: Trip to Berlin from Ljubljana Airport

Hi everyone,

I don’t even know how but the nice summer ended and we have moved to the autumn! And that means back to work! The autumn started quite busy for me, and I had to travel for a 2-day business meeting to Berlin.

I decided for the most comfortable way and took the flight from the Ljubljana airport to Berlin Tegel. Unfortunately, there was no direct flight on that day so I had to do short stopover in Munich. Although Adria Airways is far not the cheapest airline (which I already talked about here) it was a pleasant experience 🙂 And because I like traveling and planes, I filmed it and made a quick video for you.

As my stay in Berlin was very short and mostly filled with work-related agenda, I didn’t have much time left to do a proper sightseeing. But I still managed to go to see the Berlin Wall monument, an impressive memory of Berlin’s dark history, and took a few quick photos which I wanted to share with you. Hope you will like them 🙂

So, I decided to share with a few pictures and a short video from my travel to Berlin. Enjoy 🙂

Waiting at Ljubljana-Brnik Airport at 6am in the morning
Rain morning flight
This is Bled from the air 🙂
Lovely Berlin trams
Berlin Alexanderplatz


The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall
People who were shot during their attempt to escape from East to the West during cold war


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