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Trips in Slovenia: The Franja Partisan Hospital

Hi guys,

a few weeks ago on a beautiful April Sunday when the sun was shining and spring was in the air we decided to make a small trip around Slovenia. And, we visited a truly astonishing place which really caught my heart so I decided to share a few pics with you.

We went to see the Franja Partisan Hospital (in Slovene – Bolnica Franja), near Cerkno, in north-west Slovenia. And I can tell you, if you are at least a bit into history, this place will amaze you!

Hidden between two large rocks, the hospital was well covered form the enemies


The Franja Partisan Hospital is a collection of 14 wooden barracks strategically built over a mountain stream  and hidden between two high rocks, completelly protected from the world. This location ensured a constant source of water for the hospital as well as the protection from the enemies.

The hospital was built in 1943 by the Slovene Partisans and served until 1945 for treating injured soldiers who were fighting against the Nazis. Currently it serves as a museum.

In 2007, the hospital was hit by a severe flood therefore a large part of it is not original anymore. But still a pretty cool reconstruction of the advancement of medcine in the 1940s!

1330883274_5_franja3_prikaz_objave_glava (1)
This is where the injured soldiers used to sleep
Hospital’s surgery room
Medicine storage
1940s very well equipped kitchen

All in all, as a person interested in the European history of the 20th century, I was really amazed by this place and I definitely recommend it visit on your tours around Slovenia! For a small entrance fee of 5 EUR you will get a very tangible representation of the horrors of the World War 2 as well as the incredible power of humanity at that time!

Have you visited this place, too? Or is there something else you suggest to see? Let me know!







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