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Foreigners Speak Slovene – A New YouTube Channel

Hello everybody!

Here I am back, healthy and fresh, with my classic language funzies! But, today I am going to talk about languages in a little different lights. Because a few of my previous articles about Slovene language, false friends and similar topics have become quite popular, I have decided to bring this to another level!

With my friend Anika, a Polish living in Slovenia and an amazing video editor in one person, we set up a new YouTube channel called Foreigners Speak Slovene, where we are planning to post funny videos about our struggels with the Slovene language, food and habits. And voila, this is one of our first videos – 10 Slovene False Friends!

We are both quite new in the world of YouTube, so I will be very grateful if you share some love and support to us or give us some constructive feedback!

Please watch, subscribe, like, share and enjoy!






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