New Year, Gym, Spain & busy January

Hello everyone!

It’s probably too late but… Happy New Year!!! Hope you started the year 2016 with all the right mood, plans and a lot enthusiasm and you will make it really happy!

I know it sounds a bit awkward saying this when January is almost over, but because I haven’t had a chance to wish you, yet, I wanted to do it now. After celebrating my first Silvester in Slovenia with a lot of nice trips to Ljubljana, Jezersko and Bled,  the New Year has started somehow busy for me. Lots of work, things and activities didn’t really allow me to make time for blogging. Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to post a short update on what I have new and YOU can let me know what you have new! Deal?

First of all, I need to proudly say, that as a part of my new year’s resolutions I managed to visit a gym TWICE. Wow! It was a gym in Kranj, where I live, and it was my very first experience with gyms in Slovenia, so thumbs up for that! Both of my visists to this place where associated with a couple of embarrassing moments though – the first time I stupidly entered the male garderoba instead of the female one which resulted in lots of laughter and jokes about me 😀 During my second visit there, I received an urgent phone call from Slovakia and was talking for 10 minutes on the phone in Slovak in the ladies’ locker room and received a number of surprised and amused views from my fellow gym visitors.

Besides gym, there is another first-time-thing I experienced this month – my very first visit to a Slovene frizer (haidresser)! A picture from my visit at Hiša lepote Kranj and the two cool hairdressers can be seen at my Instagram.

More gym visits will need to wait till February, because right now I am in my parents’ house in Slovakia because I needed to sort something out here. However, on Sunday afternoon I am going for a 5-day trip to Spain (woohoo), which I can’t wait for. It will not be a holiday though but more of a work trip but it’s very exciting anyway. Hopefully, I will have some time to make a few nice pictures and share them with you later on. With some luck this plane trip go more smoothly than the one to Sri Lanka 🙂 All in all, January is very international for me!

Apart from these things, I have been currently investing a lot of time and effort to one amazing thing which I am very happy about, and will share with you within a couple of weeks! Also, I can proudly say that I feel that I progressed with my Slovene a lot recently, with my passive understanding being without any difficulties and active speaking with a few grammar mistakes only (which will need some time to eliminate). I’ve been writing quite a few business e-mails in Slovene recently, so not a bad job, right?

So, that was pretty much my summary of January, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will be more than happy if you let me know what is going on in your life in the New Year!









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