Slovenes and Americans like my writing…Blog stats 2015

My Blog Stats 2015

Hey all!

The first year of my blog needs to be finished with a couple of cool numbers and statistics about how my blog and articles were performing this year!

So, here they are!

Beginnings and number of blog posts

I started my blog on September 1st, 2015, and since then I posted 15 articles – 14 in English and 1 in Slovene (this one). Also, I had the honour to guest blog on the Diana Elle blog about how we celebrate Christmas in Slovakia (available here).

Vistors and views

As I am writing this (December 30, 2015) my blog has reached 7936  views and 4503 visitors. That means that an average reader read 1,76 article on my site. Well, I am aware that these numbers are not breaking any records but from someone coming from a small country and living in even smaller country, this means a lot!

What countries do you come from?

Top three countries, where you, my dear readers, are hiding, are – Slovenia (of course), the USA and Slovakia.However, quite large amount of my readers also come the UK, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Canada, the Netherlands and Austria. Besides, my blog received a couple of views from most of the countries inlucuding Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius or Paraguay… I always wonder how do these people find me 😀

Most read articles

My absolutely most read article is Words Slovenes Use the Most which has received quite a lot of comments and likes on my blog as well as on my social media and has been shared by several pages in Slovenia, the USA and Canada (yes, also the Americans and Canadians are interested in the Slovene language)!

Other two most read articles are Slovene and Slovak false friends…or watch your slaves! and What do Slovaks think of Slovenes and vice-versa.

How do you find my blog

Vast majority of my traffic is coming from Facebook, either from my own page or when my articles get shared. Other two important sources are search engines and Twitter. Views coming from these two are on increase which I am very happy about.


As I already stated in my previous article, where I was summarizing my life events in 2015, setting up this blog was a great idea and I very much enjoy doing it. It brought me so much new knowledge, contacts, interesting talks and opinion from people.

I am truly grateful to every reader, every single soul, who find their time to read my blog posts! Special thanks go to my regular readers who patiently and consistently support me by commenting, sharing… Thank you, it means a lot!

Altough, I am far from being a perfect blogger and I am not as consistent as I wished I would be, it’s been a great experience , and I am planning to develop further next year.

Thank you guys and we will hear from each other in the new year!

Happy new year!












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