8 difficult and amazing things I experienced in 2015

difficult and amazing things in 2015

Hello everybody!

At the end of every year I like to think and analyze what happened during that year.

Whereas 2014 was a very calm year in my life when almost nothing big happened (apart from that fact that I moved apartments once), 2015 has been full of all kinds of things, especially it’s been a year of CHANGE for me.

In 2015 I probably changed all aspects of my life, I went through a number of important decisions, very difficult situations as well as a lot of happy moments. However, because all life changes are accompanied with a large amount of work, energy, courage and ability to accept them, I can honestly say that this year has also been a very difficult one for me.

Well, here is what I am talking about.

In 2015…

  1. I spent 6 days ALONE in Sri Lanka. And I am still alive and healthy.

Hm, maybe for some of you who belong to a group of  adventurous travellers,  would just laugh about this BUT I still think that sleeping alone in a remote hotel in the middle of Srilankan jungle is not an easy thing! Slovene speakers can read more about my adventure here in my first Slovene article.

  1. I moved to Slovenia.


  1. I quit a good and well-paid full-time job in an international company.

A LOT of people thought I got totally crazy when I first told them about my decision! I can totally understand why.

  1. I started my BLOG.

This is one of the greatest thing! I have always enjoyed reading blogs, watching Youtube and wondering about how do these people do this. But I have never had the courage to start it by myself until I moved to Slovenia! I know that my blog is far from perfect but I really enjoy working on it. Writing my blog brought me a lot of valuable knowledge about internet, social media and communication to people. Also, thanks to my blog I connected with a lot of interesting people, been invited to events and a lot more! Definitely a very positive point which I am very proud of!

  1. I improved at cooking and baking a lot and discovered that I quite like these activities.


  1. I (almost) learned another foreign language.

Although my Slovene is far from perfect, I improved a lot recently and I am very proud of myself. I would never guess that I can manage to learn a new language so quickly!

  1. I got to know a lot of new and amazing people.

After coming to Slovenia, I met a lot of great people with interesting stories similar to mine. Even more fascinating is that after some time I discovered that I have so much in common with some of them that I made a lot of new friends!

  1. I started a lot of new amazing things.

This year I set up a good base of a couple of new amazing things which I don’t want to talk about yet, but I hope I will successfully continue to develop them next year. This will naturally require a lot of challenges and hard work for the following year but nothing but well… the most exciting things do not come without effort!


I hope you all have also had a wonderful year, and if not, don’ worry about it, make a strong line and start the new one as well as you can! And if you like, share your feelings and plans with me!

Lots of love,



Let’s be friends!









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