My Top 20 Favourite Quotes About Life


top 20 quotes about life (2)

Unlike to my usual articles about Slovakia and Slovenia (which you can read here) or about the Slovene (and Slovak) language, which you can find here or here, this post will be a bit different.

I am a huge fan of quotes! Some of you might say – oh noooo, I have enough of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest being full some motivational bullshit! Honestly, me too! The usefulness and truth of many motivational articles and quotes is questionable and their purpose is often intended to promote an idea behined someone’s business, or simply for brainwashing.

Nevertheless, there are still a few quotations which I heard or read several years ago and I identify myslef with them for longer. Some of them are generally known, some of them read on books and articles, some of them I heard from specific people. As I was in a little sentimental mood today, I decided to share them with you.

I created this list spontaneously out of my mind, it’s not copied from anywhere. The quotations with pictures are my long-term favourites.


1.Miracle happens outside of your comfort zone.

2. Love what you do and you will never need to work again.

3. Do something today what your future self will thank you for.

4. Everything, what you have done in your life, you will once get in return. Whether it was good or bad. Therefore, do your best to do just good things. (Author – my mom)

5. The best things in life are free. Family, friends, laugh, hug, smile, kisses, love, sleep, good momories.

6. Mind your thoughts. Because thoughts become actions. And actions become your life.

7. When the head is stupid, the body suffers too. (Author – my dad).

8. Money isn’t the most importnat thing. But it’s hard to be without it.

9. It’s better to be be avarage among the best than being the best among the average.

10. Effort rarely fails. (Don’t know who is the actual author but my ex-boss used to say this)

We are what we repeatedly do. Thus, perfection is not an act, but a habit! (1)

11. Relationships matter.

12. No job will make your life complete.

13. Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.

14. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

15. We are what we repeatedly do. Thus, perfection is not an act, but a habit. (Author – Aristotle)

We are what we repeatedly do. Thus, perfection is not an act, but a habit!

16. Don’t believe everything what you hear. Not everything is true. (Author – me).

17. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.

18. It is normal to have problems. Everybody has them.

19. When you think you have a serious problem, think about if it will be important in one year from now. If the asnwer is not, do not waste your time worrying.

20. When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieving your dream. (Author – Pablo Coelho in The Alchemyst)


To add to the end, I believe that many of these quotes are all time truths, thus every individual needs his or her time to discover it and apply them into their lives.

Do you like my quotes? Or do you have some other interesting ones? I will be more than happy if you share them with me!

Wish you all a beautiful and happy rest of the day!


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