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What do Slovaks think of Slovenes and vice versa (or let’s improve our knowledge!)


Hello cool kids!

And hello brothers Slovenians! And hello everyone who is reading this!

Slovakia and Slovenia are two quite similar countries. Not only they share a similar name and a relatively similar language and culture, they also are geographically quite close. And, because of all these facts, they often get mistaken – as we all know.

For example, I heard of a case when the Slovak anthem was played instead of the Slovene one during some official event. Also, there are rumours that the ambassadors of both countries meet once a month to exchange wrongly delivered post! Don’t know if this is true but it is hilarious in any case! Any ambassador reading this? Maybe?

There has been a lot written about differences between these two countries therefore I don’t want to go into very much detail here today (maybe next time). But for those who are not so familiar with them, I recommend you to watch this video from the Slovene YouTuber Barbara4u2c, for example. Although it’s an old one, I still like it:


So, what I wanted to tell today is this: During my stay in Slovenia I realized that there is no wonder that the world doesn’t know much about both of us because WE do not know much about each other either! Yes, both Slovaks and Slovenes often lack some basic geographical, political and culturally knowledge about the other country. So why do we feel offended if are being mistaken? To, here I collected a few things which we all are typically wrong about:


What do Slovaks say when you mention Slovenia:

  1. Are they in European Union?

giphy (4)


2. What currency do they have?

Ehm, when did


3. Are you learning Serbian before you go there?



4. So they have Alps? What Alps?

seriously new


5. Hm, Slovenia… Oh yes! I think I heard of it!



And, surpisingly, Slovenes think something very “different”!


What do Slovenes say when you mention Slovakia?

  1. Are they in European Union?

giphy (1)


2. Oh, so they have Euro as a currency! I didn’t know that!

Chrisopher Columbus has just discovered America!


3. You are from Slovakia? Great, so we can speak Serbo-Croatian!

giphy (2)


4. How is Slovakia? Is the socialism there still so bad?

giphy (3)


5. Do you have cinemas, bank cards…(insert any other 21st century article)

giphy (5)


Well, what else to add? Pretty much the same on both sides, right? Luckily, there are still people in both countries (unfortunately, they are more of a minority) who know a bit more than the others and save the situation. Yupiiiii!

So let’s change the minority into a majority and improve the general knowledge!

If you have a similar experience or quite the contrary, you are experiencing something totally different? Or are you from Latvia or Lithuania? Or from Paraguay or Uruguay? Do you want share your frustration with us? Then leave us a COMMENT!

Lots of love,


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Disclaimer: By writing this article I did not intend to offend anyone, it serves purely for entertaining and educating purposes 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What do Slovaks think of Slovenes and vice versa (or let’s improve our knowledge!)

  1. Hahaha, I love the asnwers in GIFs! Ahh Petra, if you guys that are almost neighbors confuse each other, imagine what mexicans think of Slovenia. Or most precisely, don’t think because they have NO clue about it. But I guess we are all about different kinds of countries, like if they would ask me something about Asia or former USSR I would barely have an idea!


    1. Yes, Mexico and Slovenia are both geographically and culturally very different so there is some reason for apology on both side, at least. For Slovakia and Slovenia it is less acceptable, but well… we, bloggers, need to educate 😉 😉


  2. Oh come on, this wasn’t really what you heard from people? At least about being in the EU… cinemas, socialism…. I’m honestly what people think about eachother and I’ll start to develop the discussion:
    As a Slovenian, knowing Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakia, possibly more supressed in the 2nd half of the 20th century I wonder how fast it has developed. And not only Bratislava, but also the remainder of the country? I suspect there are still many old time Skodas on the village… is Internet developed outside Bratislava and centres?
    Knowing Pozsony was a Hungarian city, as a Slovenian I believe there are still strong tensions with Hungarians. And with Roma people (cigany). Are there?
    Knowing (the good Czech solier) Svejk, I imagine Slovak are even happier people than Czechs (which are also happy). Are they?
    Once I saw onld Czechoslovakian movie, where Slovak girls were… how to say this… very open to love and very passionate. Is there any truth in this?
    Jakujem na odgovoru!


    1. Hi Samo,
      well, yes, not everyone has a good overview about the rest of the world, so you hear a lot of interesting stuff as an expat 🙂
      To your questions – Slovakia still has a significant Hungarian minority in the south of the country, the tensions are not really a topic now and if something occurs it is more a political thing rather than a real people’s problem. Yes, we have some gypsies mainly in the East.
      I might dissapoint you but the last old Skodas disappeared from the roads 8-10 years ago and the Internet in villages, well… we have internet in buses, trains and pretty much everywhere…so, yes, there is internet in villages throughout the whole country 🙂 You should visit to see!


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