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Photoblog+Video: Farming & Animal-Breeding in Slovenia

Today something different from my usual topics – Slovene language and dialects!

Harmony and co-existance between man and nature – this is the best way to describe the life on farm in the beautiful countryside of Slovenia. Although I have never been much into farming, planting and animal breeding, farms, their lifecycle and very smart system of work have always fascinated me (well, from a distance of minimum 10 metres and with clean hands :D).

Watching a farm is an interesting thing, indeed. It makes you realize that the flour for your bread, milk in your cheese and eggs for your omelette have to come from somewhere. And, there are actually people who work hard all their life in order to make them! Farming is, in fact, a very important part of economy  – well, what’s the benefit of having the newest iPhone when you do not have anything to eat?!

Slovenia’s region Gorenjska is an area where running a small family farm is a relatively common way of living. While walking through this region, you can find plenty of small villages as well as many picturesque and well-maintained farm houses in very remote locations where people actually live and take care of their farm. Well, Slovenes are proud of their nature and they really do live in harmony with it.

A few days I ago I had the honour to see a very special farming event– corn chopping. Corn is a very important plant for feeding the cows and represents a significant part of work on a milk-producing farm. Corn is normally seeded in the spring and chopped throughout September. In Slovenia, seasonal farming work like corn chopping is not only an important farming event but also a social event. Yes, social! Because this work requires help of several people, farmers usually invite their broader family members and friends to give them a hand! And, the day ful of hard work and fun can start!

Here are a few pictures and a video from Slovene countryside and farms. Please apologize the quality of my phone camera and my photographing skills! 🙂

Pictures were taking on various places throughout Gorenjska, Slovenia.

VIDEO: Farming in Slovenia


Suha, an old village with several family farms, located in Gorenjska
Suha, an old village with several family farms, located in Gorenjska
On the way to a remote village Dražgoše
On the way to a remote village Dražgoše
Corn before the storm
Two tractors chopping the corn
Team work – in the middle of the job 🙂
Changing positions


Colleagues 🙂 at hiking spot Planina-Kofce
Henieeees 🙂 They have to have their necks everywhere!
And finally - me and my happy-faces-friends at Farming fair
And finally – me and my happy-faces-friends at Farming fair

Hope you liked today’s unusal blogpost. If you also have some nice experience from Slovene farms and countryside, do not hesitate to share them with me!

Lots of love


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