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Slovene and Slovak false friends.. Or watch your slaves

Otrok v avtu =Slave in car 

Learning Slovene brings for me, a native speaker of Slovak language, a lot of funny situations. As both languages belong to the same group, they share quite many similarities which make my learning easier. BUT… not everytime. There si number of words which are present both in Slovak and Slovene language and although they are the same or almost the same in form, their meaning is often miles away from what you would guess… This naturally leads to a lot of amusing conversations – just have a look at the short list below and imagine the fun I have here 🙂

Word in Slovene/Slovak Meaning in Slovene Meaning in Slovak
Jed Meal Poison
Drevo Tree Wood (material)
Les Wood (material) Woods, forest
Beseda Word Debate
Obraz Face Painting
Stol/Stôl Chair Table
Nogavičke/Nohavičky Socks Panties
Gate Male underwear Trousers (slang)
Prt/Prd Table cloth Fart
Dunaj Vienna Danube (river)
Slovenka Slovene female Slovak female
Otrok Child Slave

I am pretty sure that there such similarities of Slovene also to other languages? What about yours?

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17 thoughts on “Slovene and Slovak false friends.. Or watch your slaves

  1. Ahoj, Slovaci sa nam tiež smeju, keď sa dozvedia, čo je župan po slovinský, alebo sukňa, Slovinci očekuju čučoriedky, keď si objednaju borovičku atď. Je toho ešte veľa 😀


  2. “Prd – prdec” is fart but “prt” is table cover. difference between T and D is usually clear i vocalisation.
    interesting mistake is with word “Fukat” which has in Slovenian much different meaning addopted form english F.U.C.K. while in Slovak is just wind blowing (be careful with this one ;)).
    other option for mistake is Chlap – Hlap-ec – while in Slovak is just boy in Slovenian hlap is vaporised liquid but in talk has strong asociation with hlapec who is cheap labour at bigger farms (known mainly in the past – but still exisitng).


    1. Yes, fukat is great example, my Slovene friends are laughing when I say Fuka mi na križe – It’s blowing on my back 🙂
      This article was more about Slovene words which has some kind of funny meaning in Slovak BUT I am preparing a vice-versa article – Slovak words which sound funny in Slovene. This is for me a bit harder to put together, therefore thanks for your suggestions 🙂


  3. Haha this is fantastic! I love your blog. I’ve always wondered how a Slovak person experiences these similarities (and differences). I’m learning Cesky (I know, different country) now and having so much fun with it. Enjoy Slovenia!


    1. Zivjo! I can imagine, my Slovene friends also laugh when i say something in Slovak. There are very many interesting similarities between various Slovic languages and it is so much fun to analyze them! Thank you and stay tuned for more language funzies 🙂


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