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7 tips to learn the Slovene language


Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. My first post about my life in Slovenia will be about the beautiful Slovene language 🙂

At first, I need to admit that my Slovene is far from fluent at the moment, however, provided that I haven’t been in contact with the language that long, it’s still quite good. Therefore, let me share a few tips with you on how to master this language.

  1. Motivation – the most important factor. You need to WANT to learn the language . If you do not want to, you will never learn it. Simple as that.
  1. If your native language is a Slavic language, you will have it much easier. There are lots of similarities with Croatian, Serbian, Slovak or Czech BUT be careful on the tricky false friends🙂 If it’s not, the knowledge of some other foreign language and the general ability to learn language is a good advantage, too.
  1. Make the language a part of your everyday life – regardless from whether you are in Slovenia or not. Read Slovene news, listen to Slovene music, watch Slovene videos. Everyday. Regularly.
  1. Listen to music – a lot. Listening to music is a greaaat way how to acquire a new language as people are more likely to remember a string of sound rather than isolated words in a context. The best is to find songs that you like, listen to them several times, google the lyrics, translate the lyrics and so on. Ehm, there was a period in my life when I used to listen to Slovene folk music while jogging J
  1. Google the basic vocabulary and grammar rules – you do not expensive course or a teacher to learn the basics of the language. Just ask Mr. Google or Mr. Youtube and they will teach you all the basic phrases for free.
  1. Talk to Slovene friends. If know some people who speak the language, talk to them in Slovene as much as possible although it may seem awkward at first. If you don’t know anyone speaking the language, try to connect with some native speakers online.
  1. Finally, get a course. Yes. A course. Not a friend teaching you, not a CD but a regular course. You might be asking why am I saying this when I’ve just told you that there are many ways how to master the language by yourself. Yes, by self-learning you can make a huge progress and finally get to a survival stage – a stage when you understand the majority of conversation and are able to experess yourself when needed – thus, enough to survive. It’s often dangerous to get to this stage because without active work on improvement you can get stuck at this stage for a long time. So, if you want to be fluent once – get a professional teacher or a course! And I should do the same 🙂

So let’s get this started and if you want to share your experience with learning Slovene, leave me a comment.

Happy learning!


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5 thoughts on “7 tips to learn the Slovene language

  1. Hey Paul,

    I was mainly listening to music from Skupina Gadi, Modrijani and Tanja Žagar although Tanja’s music is not really folk music but still quite Slovene-like. Try to pick some which you like and listen to them several times… the strings really remain in your head, or at least it worked for me 🙂
    Good luck with learning Slovene!


  2. In my case, the 180 hours course of Slovenian language helped me the most (I got it at “Urad za tujce” for free), the other staff is when interacting with babies you don’t feel ashamed to speak wrong and you just…speak 🙂

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